Wednesday, 9 July 2014

New back cover of Verboten.

First off; I'd like to appologise for the lack of posts of late, I've been really busy planning the re-release of my book Verboten and have also been going through some icky, boring personal drama that commanded my attention.
  But, I bare news! The new cover (all of it) of Verboten is complete! And the date for the front cover to be released is set to be the 13th of July, as, due to the fact it isn't finished in editing, I unfortunately cannot release the full book on that day, but I will keep you posted with it though and let you know as soon as I know the exact date it will be re-released.
  Also, I've been away and haven't been up to my usual reviewing habits purely due to the sheer size of City Of Heavenly Fire, although I'm 100 pages from finishing so the review for that will be up shortly!
  So, here it is, the new back cover of my pride and joy, Verboten...

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