Sunday, 12 October 2014

Timesmith by Niel Bushnell.


Thirteen -year-old Jack Morrow is haunted by the past. 

For Jack is a Timesmith, someone with the ability to travel through Sorrowlines, the channels that connect every gravestone with the date of the person's death.

Desperate to help his family Jack finds himself in a secret world deep under the streets of 1940's London. Hunted by the undead knights of the Paladin Jack must find the fabled lost sword of Durendal before it can be used to resurrect the Paladin's evil master, Rouland.

Separated from his friends Jack is forced into an uneasy alliance with Hilda, a strange girl with a hidden past. Together they must find their way through the treacherous underground city of Ealdwyc and stop Rouland's return. Jack's future, and that of his entire family depends on it.

  I was originally sent this book for review and was oblivious to the fact that it was the second book in the series (total face palm moment) and quickly had to recover and buy the first book, Sorrowline, as fast as I could.
  Now, if you follow my reviews, (if you don't then there's been a hole missing in your life - ta-da you just found it!) then you will be aware that I absolutely loved Sorrowline, fantastic book, that, although I wasn't exactly the age range, as this is a middle grade book, I still enjoyed and didn't feel at all as if it was too young for me or anything like that. I eased into the story straight away and was hooked from start to finish.
  Timesmith, the sequel to the book, followed in its footsteps and didn't dissapoint at all. Again it had a thrilling plot line to keep you on your toes, it was beautifully written and well thought out, and, again, just as Sorrowline had, the end left me wanting more.
  I will definitely be keeping up with this series and this author. This book would be perfect for 13/14 year olds + and it's definitely one of my favourite middle grade series's.
  First class book.

***** 5/5 stars *****

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