Sunday, 19 October 2014

Darkness by Erin Eveland.


One Girl. One Boy. And the Masters of Darkness. See the Shadow Creatures. They are everywhere. But you can't run from the shadows or the Masters who control them.

Catherine has been born with a supernatural power called Darkness. The Masters of Darkness have found her and it's just a matter of time before someone claims her.

An Interactive Novel
A QR Code starts the beginning of each chapter connecting the reader to specific art or music that ties into the mood and setting of the novel. Using the quick response code in print and eBook formatting, Darkness incorporates visual and sound to heighten the reading experience.

  The first thing I'm going to do is point out the obvious - this book, as the title infers, is indeed dark, and when I say dark, I mean DARK.
  Every possible hurrendous thing you can think of that can happen to a girl in her teens has happened to Catherine, and to top it all off, she's dragged into matters to do with a dark, possible perceived as evil, force called 'Darkness', something she never asked for, nor wanted.
  This book is brilliantly written and is actually quite frightening in places. It's a very dreary novel, but not in a bad way - it has an atmosphere running from start to finish that feels quite murky; not sadness or anger but more a mood of hopelessness.
  I also quite like the idea of the interactive side of this book, although I didn't really participate in that side of it that often myself, but I could see what it was trying to achieve and thought it was a new and innovative idea.
  And can I just make a quick mention that I sincerely hope there is going to be a sequel to this can't just leave it like that! It's not good for the soul.
  Great read!

**** 4/5 stars ****

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