Tuesday, 21 October 2014

5 Books I Love That No One Seems To Know About.

So, recently in my entrance to the world of books online - blogs, bookstagram, booktube, so on - I've begun to notice that a lot of the books that I love, even though best sellers, are unknown to the book-loving community, that I find not only strange, but kind of sad. 
  It's time.
      To stop.
           The madness.
...I really don't know guys, I'm just trying to be dramatic here...it's late okay, sleep deprivation is who I blame, if it were a person, which it is not...carrying on...
So I wanted to introduce you guys to a few of my favourite books that are pretty much invisible to all you online bookaholics out there.

    The Demon Trappers by Jana Oliver.

  This series is honestly my all time favourite series. I'll spare you the dreary sob stories behind why this personally speaks to me, but I feel that I can really relate to the protagonist, Riley. 
  I fell in love with this book from the first page and haven't forgotten it since. Now if you know me, you'll be aware that I am NOT a re-reader - I don't understand how people have the time to re-read old books when there are so many new books out there dying to be opened! It's a mystery to me. But out of all of my books this series would be the first I would crack open to re-experience it all over again.
  Yet, it baffles me that, although it IS in fact a best seller, and, of course, holds that title for an extremely valid reason, nobody seems to know about it! Where is the TDT fandom? Can somebody please tell me because as a super fan of this series (possibly even the biggest fan, might I add), I need other people to fangirl about it with! It's not good for the soul to have to keep the feels all cooped up.
  Seriously, if you haven't got this series get it now.
  Like now.
  Are you going?
  Can I see that bum skooting to the bookshop?
  Good. You've just made your life ten gazillion times better.

    The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine.

(I'm aware I'm missing fourteen in paperback, I have it on kindle I'm going to try and get the paperback version this weekend) 

  Again, this is another series which, although is a best seller, doesn't seem to have a presence in the online bookish world. Which is a shame because Myrnin's bunny slippers should be admired by the world.
  Although, this series seems to be on its way up with the new online series being released soon which actually looks super duper cool - I know that I'll definitely be watching it. I've wanted a film/TV program  to be made of this series for a long long long time now!

  [link to trailer : http://youtu.be/o0sf67L1wOk
  Episode one : http://youtu.be/fcoe2nCFYuQ ]

  This book is a vampire series in which the whole town is run by vampires, which in itself is pretty awesome (although kind of scary), it's again another dark romance (my guilty pleasure) and just oh my, just read it.
  Out of all the books in this post this one is a bit more well known than the others but I still feel there should be way more love for these books.

    The Weather Warden series by Rachel Caine.

              (I appologise for the mismatched covers!)

 This series is again, like The Morganville Vampires, by Rachel Caine, although this is a more mature book aimed for an older audience.
  These books always make me feel really intelligent afterwards because you learn quite a bit of technical information about the weather! Okay, okay, I know; ew, learning, right? Calm down guys! It's not educational, just interesting with of course it's fair share of steamy romance, epic fights and action that we all love.
  It's a really fast paced series and I fell in love from the first page. It has a unique idea expanded on expertly and I definitely moped more than a bit when it unfortunately had to end.
  Rachel Caine is brilliant at creating super long series - Morganville being 15 books long, and the Weather Wardens 9. Every single one of them is amazing.
  Get yourself these books and look out for Rachel Caine! She really is an excellent author.

    The Dark Heart series by Lee Monroe.


  A long time ago (probably only 2 years but feels like 2 million) I fell in love. With the cover of this book! How absolutely beautiful is it!? Very much so...very much so...
  Anyway, moving on; love at first sight, blah de blee, blah de blaa. I've had an addiction for dark romances since very early teens so before I was birthed into fandoms and bookstagram, blogs and booktube, it was literally the only genre I would buy, so seeing a new one clad in a goddamn gorgeous cover (cannot and will not get over it), with the promise of WEREWOLVES, it got a mmmmhmm girl, I gotta buy that shnazzle from me.
  This is an absolutely outstanding series and the reason I still know that, years after reading it is because I remember it, even if bits and pieces are muddled and such like (I have a terrible memory, honestly, I'd put Dory to shame).
  If you have read this series you shall notice I am missing the final installment, yes, I have yet to buy it along with the frequently growing list of 'buy me's' calling to me in the back of my brain but currently I'm just trying to power through my to-be-read list because dear me, it's long.
  ALSO I APPOLOGISE FOR THE BROKEN SPINE...My mum borrows my books and defiles them.
  A moment of silence please.

  Any who, this is a great series, can't wait to get the last one and yeah, you should totally get them.

   The Program by Suzanne Young.

  This is actually a very recent read for me (well, compared to the rest of the books mentioned in this post anyway), but it quickly shot itself up to number two on my fave series list. This book literally makes me squeel. Like, it makes me tingle...and a book that makes me tingle - well damn, the poo is about to get real!
  Again, this is a series and currently the first and second book is out, yet, alike to the dark heart series, I haven't had chance to buy it yet, but it is called The Treatment and I'm oogling the pretty cover that matches with this one and if I don't get the matching one...well, somebody's gonna die, that's all I'm saying...
  I love the concept - the main plot is based around how suicide has become an epidemic and it's kind of showing the reaction to that - the steps put in place to try and prevent it and the struggle that teens face in this, well I guess it is, dystopian world.
  I'm going to put a quick little note in about triggering - for me this book didnt actually trigger me and I really don't want to say 'trigger warning, don't read if you're sensitive to the topics' because I think this was a fabulously good book and I don't want any of you to miss out, but I also want you all to stay safe, stay clean and stay happy, but, this book doesn't really focus so much on the depression side of things, it's kind of the foundation to the story; but yeah, just throwing that out there!
  I loved this book from start to finish so...yeah, get your butts reading!

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