Monday, 4 August 2014

Don't let go by Sharla Lovelace.


Noah Ryan and Jules Doucette spent every moment together, first as best friends and later as young lovers. The two had planned a life together—until one unspeakable decision tore them apart for good.

Twenty-six years later, Jules is still carefully living the life her mother planned out for her. She’s running her mother’s store, living in her mother’s house, following her mother’s rules, and keeping the secrets her mother made her bury.

Then Noah comes home and any sense of an ordered life flies out the window. Noah’s return does more than just stir up old memories—it forces Jules to see her life in a whole new way and uncovers secrets even she didn’t know were buried. Secrets that could easily destroy her world once more.

  Oh. My. Lord. This book!
  I honestly can't even settle my feelings right now.
  This book managed to make me so emotional that it was unreal. It even managed to draw out the secret romantic side in my that I've damned since the first day I'd found it.
  This is definitely, DEFINITELY, reached it's way up into my top ten, and was an absolutely fantastic way to delve into a new genre, because, this happened to be my first ever contemperary romance - yes, okay! I admit it, I jumped on the band wagon of 'contemporary romance book? Boring'. Oh, how I was so wrong, in fact, I pity the old me because I've just landed on a gold mine...well, if a 'gold mine' consists of going on a romance rampage then, it most defintitely fits the bill.
  So I love, love, LOVED the style of writing - it was beautiful and I connected with Jules instantly, it really felt like I was right there, living her life with her, which was a little creepy but we've all got to have some creepy sometimes right? Creepy is good...well, this kind of creepy was good anyway.
  And dead lord did this book make me cry. I've been a blubbering mess since the moment I started it. It came with plenty of shocks and gasps and laughs and a wallowing pit of sadness that made my heart hurt. A lot.
  Okay, yeah, I loved the book a lot and I'm a little crazy about it. Deal with it.
  Oh and by the way, Noah Ryan? Yep, wouldn't mind some of him...
  It was written beautifully and I never, ever wanted to end, I can't wait for the next book, I seriously can't. I'm still tingling after this one. Good lord, Sharla Lovelace what have you done to me? I've been turned into a soppy lovey dovey mushy mess.
  And I love it.
  There's no doubting the rating on this one.

  ***** 5/5 stars *****

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