Monday, 1 September 2014

Eren by Simon P. Clark.

People are keeping secrets from Oli - about where his father is, and why he hasn't come to join them at his uncle's house in the country.

But Oli has secrets too.

He knows what lives in the attic. Eren - part monster, part dream, part myth. Eren who always seems so interested, who always wants to hear more about Oli's life. Eren, who needs to hear stories to live, and will take them from Oli, no matter the cost.

  So, to start off with, I'd just like to say that if I'd have to summarise this book myself without a blurb, I just wouldn't be able to do it! It's such a strange tale, that you couldn't really explain what was happening - plus, you'd probably have a different interpretation from another reader, which is one of the reasons why I loved this book.

  When I first begun this story, it reminded me a lot of 'Skellig' which I read some years ago for English, yet still enjoyed ( which is very rare when I'm made to read a book for lessons ) but, this book was so wonderfully weird that I don't even think you can really label a genre on it - I think it's one of those books literally anyone can enjoy.
  The writing was impeccable, and easy to read and I absolutely loved that it also included illustrations! Although I am most definitely not a child anymore, I do really really love when they encompass drawings into a novel without them being childish - I don't know why but it just makes it all the more exciting to read.
  This book really paints a picture I think, I could actually see the characters and really clearly form them in my mind, and each page I read I was eager to gobble up some more, to find out all the answers to the questions that were buzzing around my mind.

  I think this book is going to certainly fly off the shelves, especially with the fantastical cover! 
  A real page turner with just a sprinkle of absurdity to peak your interest till the very end.

  *****5/5 stars*****

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