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My Top Ten Books of 2014.


So, I'd like to start off this post by saying happy new year! I would also like to appologise for my recent lack of posting - I haven't been lazy, I promise, I've just been in a major reading (and writing) slump, that I have only just recently come out of.
I promise that I will begin posting again soon as I have just started up a new fashion and beauty blog called Mangled Beauty with my best friend in which a schedule was forced upon me and effectively gave me a kick up the bum, so I hope to put the skills I have learnt to good use on here.

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Anyway, what better to get my blog reactive than a new year! Hope this ones a good one and here below is a list (in no particular order) of my top ten books of 2014 along with reasons why they are awesome. Enjoy.

1. The Programme.

This book has made its way into one of my favourites. Fast paced with a dystopian world which is surprisingly, and scarily plausible, its mixture of action and suspense makes for a truly awesome read. I am proud to be a fan of this book and can't wait to buy the sequel when I next find myself with money.

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2. The Maze Runner.

I steered away from this book for too long, taking it from stereotypical face value and thinking that it would be a book for young boys that I myself wouldn't enjoy. Boy was I wrong. I'm so glad I decided to have a peak at the trailer for the movie (which showed me how incredibly awesome it was) because that was what drove me to run to the shops to buy the book. Such an interesting concept and I loved the character development also.

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3. Breathe.

This was a recent read for me (meaning I finished it last night) and this is the book that brought me from my reading slump. Hallelujah. I honestly sped through this book, readng it in a day and a half. If I had to describe my first thoughts of the beggining of the book it would be major love triangle! Actually maybe square would be a better term. Anyway, that wasn't all there was to this book, this held complexity on so many levels and I loved the way how everything was intricately and cleverly put together. An outstanding book that you should all read.

4. Gone.

Another book I stupidly avoided so long and ended up kicking myself when I realised what I had been missing. This book kept me hooked from start to finish and had me questioning why? at every corner. I just had to know what was going on, anbd as you can imagine, this landed me with more than a few sleepless nights (woopsie). I can't wait to read the rest of this series in 2015.

5. The Moment Collector.

I'm not usually one for mystery books, or sad books for that matter and although this one held both, I still found myself falling in love. This book is what I like to call 'imperfectly perfect'. The characters aren't perfect, you don't find yourself always agreeing with them, or always loving them the whole way through, even if they aren't villians. But, even so, this book still finds a way to riggle into your heart, even if you have to give a few days...weeks...months, to get over. Nope, I'm still not over it.

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6. Slated.

This book kept popping up in all of my feeds with high reccomendations everywhere, and when I saw the gorgeous cover (I have a thing about eyes) I just knew that I had to buy it. I still remember reading this vividly because I had to stay at my aunties for a few days as my parents went away (and took my dog with them...believe me, it was torture) and Slated was my book of choice. I sped through this book in 2-3 days (trust me, when you have college, a few days IS speeding through a book) and I loved every second of it. I was totally hooked on this one and I'm sure you'll be too!

7. Don't Let Go.

Another romance, I know! What was with me this year! Anyway, this is a real heart warmer and I was just in the mood for a really contemporary romance that wasn't for teens. I absolutely loved this book and although I was worried that perhaps I was too young an audience for this book, I was very quickly proven wrong. A truly lovely romance that coulkd most definitely make a grown man cry.

[link to my review of this book: ]

8. The Revealed.

I absolutely loved this book. Again a completely different concept (it never ceases to amaze me how so many stories are out there, all different from one another) that is so cleverly put together to keep you on you're toes. This book actually proved to be very different from my initial thoughts and manages to change course drastically part way through which was a thrill. This one is definitely one to put on your wishlist.

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9. The Fault In Our Stars.

Yes, I have to admit, at first I did avoid this book due to the massive hype surrounding it. I was also pretty touchy about the subject of cancer so, for too long a time, I acted like it was the plague turned paperback. But, finally, I gave in and decided to give it a read after I got so many reccomendations from too many people. I love it. It's an absolutely beautiful book and although it made me cry I will cherish it forever. This is one to stay in your heart.

10. Divergent.

Divergent was another that took me a while to give in to. Sometimes I just have too much pride for my own good. But, I'm glad that I did, these books, though evil, have such a great plot line that I can almost forgive what Veronica Roth did. Almost, but no cigar. And no, I don't care that some people think that dystopians are 'getting old'. A dystopian is like Peter Pan, it NEVER grows old. I will always love dystopians and what you say about that is irrelevent because I am divergent and I cannot be controlled.

I hope you all enjoyed hearing about my top ten books of 2014 and I'm sure you all have a fantastic year ahead of you!

*Salutes four fingers into the air*

May the odds ever be in your favour.

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