Sunday, 16 March 2014


So today I went to Whitby with my parents!
We parked at the abbey where I took some pictures:

Then we went down to the heart of Whitby and had a look around some of the shops. The shadows also made my legs look really small!

Then, we passed a Whitby jet shop and my dad asked my mum if she would like a new necklace, she took out her own jet necklace she bought a few years ago and realised the peice of jet had gone! So we had to go in the shop and ask for them to put a new piece in. She'll pick it up next weekend.

Then we had a hot beverage and a cake at a cute little cafe further on where I got some shots of my dog Shelby. And I even saw the Mona Lisa!

And after that, when we went to the bridge and I got the cutest shot of Shelby along with some more cool shots!

Then after we walked back up to the abbey and I got some shots of the graveyard where dracula's buried before we went home!

I enjoyed it thoroughly!

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